Small Pieces of Happiness

Life is colorful and I have my own personal celebration today. And you gotta join me on this!

*3 month of work and MurmelMeister climbed up to the first page and third position on google search. Yes!

*Searching for MurmelMeister photos on google, I was very proud seeing my photos soaking in everywhere. Yes!

*The first version of MurmelMeister looks decent and holds my own homemade content.
The number of likes, followers and involvement rises. Yes!

Again. I am no specialist. I am dedicated and work with all my heart (and less patience) to have this grow bigger. And – I certainly will hang in, as this is what I really love!

Great there is lots more space to grow.

Thanks for joining and supporting MurmelMeister!

I bought this small confetti heart online, thinking it’s an awesome idea.
It is a perfect small give away and message for people you care about. I love it.
In this case it says “Life is colorful” and I would like to dedicate it to you!


    1. Sovely Matters

      Thank you Jennifer for coming by and leaving a note. I appreciate it. It’s great to be part of a great crowd, writing and reading – and celebrating life. Thanks for the invitation. I sure will stopp by too.

      Liked by 1 person

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