Soulfood || Spoil Yourself

It’s okay to spoil yourself. I spoiled myself to an awesome Lonely Heart Valentine’s Dinner…

Of course it turned out great. Did I mention I love cooking?! Being in the kitchen and cooking is fulfilling to me, an explosion of various tastes and spices is like an orgasm.

The heart of my home is my kitchen. That’s where the real magic takes place. It needs the right ingredients and a lot of love, passion and magic.

I had some sparkling white wine with it. I like the tickling sparkles in my mouth. Light as a feather, been taken away – while enjoying every bite of my special meal. It sure was pleasing my tongue. All my senses were busy capturing that I lived and enjoyed that moment. Alone on Valentine’s Evening. Proving: I love myself. I may spoil myself. And I do enjoy myself. Certainly I had to choose the right music, to go with my wonderful dinner and the special dessert.

“Nur wer genießt, der lebt.”

“Only who enjoys, is living.”

…so this was my Soundtrack and I leave anything else up to your Imagination:

Tara Priya “Rollin”

Raphael Saadiq “Stone Rollin”

Frank Ocean “Lost”

Charles Bradley “I believe in your love”

Linkin Park “What I’ve done”

Switchfood “Learning to breath”

Lovers Electric “Only love can save us now”

Melanie C “Never be the same again”

DJ Vadim “Black is the night”

Martin Jondo “Rainbow Warrior”

Noni “Blackbird”

Billy Joel “She’s always a women”

Wellbad “Rotten”

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