For so long you have been searching
Restless, to find an answer to a non existing question
At some crucial point on your way
You’ve heard that nothing is for real
So what are you looking for?

Still you are walking around, headless and confused
You are looking for peace of mind
While asking yourself which way to go
Knowing you are a lucky one, to finally get an idea
On what it’s all about
So you continue your way

While walking around and living your life
You realize an amount of mistakes you make
Day by day, in past, present and future
But you promise yourself
To become more tentative
A better and happier person

You already realized you have to take it slowly
Step by step
There is no reason to rush it
As you learned the answer to your questions
Are within yourself – they always have been there
You simply weren’t aware of it

So have believe and continue your way
The way you’ve finally recognized
As the road to yourself and within yourself
Be quiet and have a listen
And once you found true peace
You will understand


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