"Make it sexy!"

Make it sexy

What do you think of when you hear “Make it sexy!”?

Now put it into a whole different context…
Meaning sex sells.
Meaning something, everyone can refer to.
Meaning something, we all enjoy.
Meaning not boring, make it interesting.
Something we all are interested in and are desiring for more.

"Make it sexy!"

An was denkst du wenn du „Make it sexy!“ hörst:
Und k
annst du dir vorstellen, dass eine Webseite sexy ist?”

Can you imagine a webpage to be sexy?

Do you wanna play?
Do you want to join?
Make it sexy on the Internet.
Is it refreshing like a promising affair?

Or hot and explosive like a one night stand?! It’s more than that!

You want people who become addicted, waiting for more.
You want people to stare. You hope they become involved too.

Wanna attract people who are voyeur?
You want a lot of traffic?!
…so make it sexy! That’s how you get it.

Sexy, meaning satisfaction.
Sexy, meaning wanting more.

Now, do you wanna know, who was the firestarter? What is the real story behind this!?

“Make it sexy!” As I first heard it, I smiled.
Later I thought “cool”.
Today I understand.
Let’s make it sexy.
Sexy and so much more.

So the Managing Director of one of the main Japanese companies instructed my former boyfriend: “Make it sexy!” Meaning the new companies website!
It was used as a simple work order. Sexy.

Imagine the stereotype Japanese business men.
Lost in translation?! Then: make it sexy!
That necessarily doesn’t need words, it’s multilingual.
Seriously, speaking of “sexy”, can this word really describe a webpage?
What do you think of, when you hear “Make it sexy!”?
It was no accident, he meant it.
The Japanese business man wanted to earn money online.
No sex-page, but having in mind that sex sells.
Imagine this incident – lasting imprint, isn’t it?!
Does this make me a groupie, just by using it?!
I certainly am enjoying it.
I am seducing you. I make it sexy.

Now it is on you: you may follow me to make me smile. Even further, you are more than welcome to leave some of your thoughts with me!


  1. KT

    I think of two things: confidence because the way a person carries themselves is sexier than anything. And two, big brains… because the brain is the biggest sex organ. Smart is sexy!

    Liked by 1 person

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