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Time Machine

4) What would you like to say to your teenage-self?

Sovely: “Sovely, my dear. You are doing it exactly the right way by doing it your way! Have faith in your path; trust yourself and your abilities. Accept your shyness and insecurities with a smile.”

“Stay shimmering, colorful and shine in all colors and facets.”

Sovely Matters

“Accept good and bad feelings, neglect judging. Don’t be afraid, because living and loving also means immeasurable suffering! Hug and enjoy every day of your life. Live healthy. Be cautious and appropriately critical, less in good faith. Use your heart, your intuition and your mind. Be frugal, less strict with yourself and those around you. Letting go, acceptance, further development and patience are challenges that will accompany you throughout your whole life. Always be open and spontaneous, learn, love and enjoy your life! You are on your way, and that’s perfect just the way it is!”

Helen: “As a teenager, I always felt the need to belong. At the same time, I did not really seem to vibe with lots of other people. In hindsight, I believe that I often acted counter to my values and needs. If I could travel back in time, I would like to tell myself: You don’t need to be like the others. There are people who are wired just like you and you will find them, if you do what you love. Make plans, set goals and find your passion, the things that get you into a flow state. You don’t need to chase anyone, especially those who don’t do you good.

Value the small things in your life.”

“You have the big privilege of a blithe childhood and youth. Enjoy it, be foolish, break some more rules, but stay true to yourself.”

Helen www.helenschreibt.wordpress.com

“Be grateful for what you have: your family, your friends, yor health. Your brain, which is able to produce all those little wonders. Your heart, your intuition. Deep inside you, you already know what is right for you.”


4) Was würdest Du Deinem Teenager-Ich gerne sagen?

Sovely: „Sovely, Liebes. Du machst es genau richtig, in dem Du Deinen Weg gehst! Habe Vertrauen in diesen Weg; vertraue Dir und Deinen Fähigkeiten. Nimm Deine Schüchternheit und Unsicherheiten mit einem Lächeln an.”

“Bleib schillernd, bunt und strahle in allen Farben und Facetten.”

Sovely Matters

“Akzeptiere Gute und schlechte Gefühle, vernachlässige das Bewerten. Hab keine Angst, denn Leben und Lieben bedeutet auch unermessliches Leid! Umarme und genieße jeden Tag Deines Lebens. Lebe gesund. Sei behutsam und angemessen kritisch, weniger gutgläubig. Nutze Dein Herz, Deine Intuition und Deinen Verstand. Sei genügsam, weniger streng mit Dir selbst und mit Deinen Mitmenschen. Loslassen, Akzeptanz, Weiterentwicklung und Geduld sind Herausforderungen, die Dich Dein Leben lang begleiten. Sei immer offen und spontan, lerne, liebe und genieße Dein Leben! Du bist auf Deinem Weg, und das ist gut so, so, wie es ist!“

Helen: „Als Teenager wollte ich unbedingt dazugehören, hatte aber das Gefühl, mit wenigen Menschen wirklich zu resonieren. Im Nachhinein glaube ich, oft entgegen meiner Werte und Bedürfnisse gehandelt zu haben. Könnte ich in der Zeit zurückreisen, würde ich mir deshalb gerne sagen: Du musst nicht so sein wie die anderen. Es gibt Menschen, die ticken genauso wie du und du wirst sie finden, wenn du einfach du selbst bist. Setz‘ dir Pläne und Ziele und finde das, was du wirklich gerne tust, wobei die Zeit wie von selbst vergeht. Du musst niemandem hinterherlaufen, schon gar nicht denen, die dir nicht guttun.

Bringe den kleinen Dingen in deinem Leben genügend Wertschätzung entgegen.”

Du hast das große Privileg einer weitgehend unbeschwerten Kindheit und Jugend. Genieße es, mach Blödsinn, brich noch ein paar mehr Regeln, aber bleib dir selbst treu.

Helen www.helenschreibt.wordpress.com

“Sei dankbar, für das, was du hast: deine Familie, deine Freundschaften, deine Gesundheit. Dein Gehirn, das in der Lage ist, so viele Wunder hervorzubringen. Dein Herz, deine Intuition. Tief in dir drin weißt du bereits, was richtig für dich ist.“

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


  1. magicpoet01

    Don’t get too concerned up little hitches, problems they will probably be irrelevant in the long term.
    Love yourself and don’t listen too much to what other people have to say about you. They are not you, they do not know you from the inside.
    Never buy a women’s magazine – they destroy your confidence and present unrealistic images and ideas which will ultimately be of no value to you whatsoever. Save the money and use it to travel (helps reduce racism) or buy clothes that last (which cost more e.g. cashmere coat) well and are not considered “fashionable.
    Never follow fashion be your own person.
    Wear what suits YOU; is most flattering to your body and you enjoy wearing.
    Never foillow a Guru of any kind
    Give up all religion ASAP

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sovely Matters

      You do have a strong opinion and I appreciate you share it here. Thanks so much. That means a lot to me. It’s fresh and enriching.

      I especially like your statement on not to get too concerned up little hitches problems they will probably be irrelevant in the long term. I assume people often overdo it in a way and it probably is a better outlook on life to take things easier…

      Once again, thanks for your words.
      My best wishes are with you. Love, Sovely


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