What Time Is It?

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What time is it?

Stop! No! Time Out!

After another week of hustle at work and too many things keeping me busy at home as well, various worries, time pressure and so on… I realized it’s time to say: „No! Stop! Time Out“. It’s enough. That understanding and taking action to protect myself definitely is one of the biggest challenges for people dealing with burn outs. It’s about realizing what time it is!

So what time is is?

I‘m trying to ground myself this week. I promise myself to be easy on me. I’ll be fine and I’m proud of this learning process. Positive thinking and being attentive.

Just a quick update on my experience in terms of mobbing which I described here:



Since ever my boss is really nice to me and always tries to explain his actions. He seems to watch out for doing the right thing.

I won that battle big times! I learned, that helps going through challenging times in the future. It makes you grow and it rewards you in many different ways!

Wie spät ist es?

Halt! Nein! Auszeit!

Nach einer weiteren Woche voller Arbeit und zu vielen Dingen, die mich zu Hause beschäftigen, diverse Sorgen, Zeitdruck usw. … wurde mir klar, dass es Zeit ist zu sagen: „Nein! Halt! Auszeit”. Es ist genug. Dieses Verständnis und Handeln, um mich selbst zu schützen, ist definitiv eine der größten Herausforderungen für Menschen, die mit Burn-Outs zu tun haben. Es geht darum zu erkennen, wie spät es ist!

Wie spät ist es also?

Ich versuche mich diese Woche zu erden. Ich verspreche mir, mich zu schonen. Mir geht es gut, und ich bin stolz auf diesen Lernprozess. Positives Denken und Wachsamkeit.

Nur ein kurzes Update meiner Erfahrungen mit Mobbing:



Seit jeher ist mein Chef sehr nett zu mir und versucht immer, seine Handlungen zu erklären. Er scheint darauf zu achten, das Richtige zu tun. Ich habe diesen Kampf für mich gewonnen! Ich habe gelernt,, dass es hilft zukünftige herausfordernde Zeiten zu überstehen. Es lässt einen wachsen und belohnt auf viele verschiedene Arten!


    1. Sovely Matters

      Thank you Joni. Yes, I try to stop myself from turning into a machine. I want to live and enjoy quality… don’t wanna turn my back on real life. Please watch out for yourself as well. All the best to you! Yours, Sovely

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    2. jonicaggiano

      Dearest Sovely I hope you know you are not the only one who struggles with this, it is such a problem with our society. You have the right answer I believe, absolutely. Hope your day tomorrow is full of lots of love and many blessings my friend. Hugs, Joni

      Liked by 1 person

    3. Sovely Matters

      Dear Joni, thank you so much for your warm and comforting words. Yes, it is a homemade disease of this society. I’m learning to deal with it and it helps me to not circle around myself too much. Simply taking a deep breath and letting go. Trying to help others with what I’ve learned and supporting them by sharing my experiences. A long road ahead and I’m happy I’m able to speak about it that clear.
      Once again, thanks for sending over positive energy. Lots of love to you. Yours, Sovely

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    1. Sovely Matters

      Likewise, dear Cindy. Thanks for leaving a message and please watch out for yourself especially these days. Looking forward to take some more time visiting your blog. Happy to meet you on here. Lots of love. Yours, Sovely

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