A Longing Postcard

It’s been a while that I’ve been sending a postcard. Instead of traveling, I got comfy at home and created my own paper art work and postcards.

So this one goes out to all of you, who stayed at home. I also need to do a special shout out to www.my-schreib.blog in Berlin. It’s such a wonderful idea to remain sending love by postcards. Thanks so much for sharing and enjoying.

my postcard for you

Summer 2020

I was wishing to visit family in California, wanted to discover the country side of Japan, longing for the dolce vita in Italy and missing the sea breeze of Northern Denmark, maybe returning to Sweden again, too.

So many things I had on my mind and as many others, I preferred to stay home. Instead I was cooking food from various countries, I listened to music from all over the world and I looked at photos from past journeys and future destinies. Meanwhile I made day trips – to the zoo, swimming in a lake, playing adventure golf or doing some tree climbing – all that taking place in my neighbor hood. I did not even really spent too much time in the cities, as those are way too crowded. I did not dare going to the ocean, because it’s packed and limited…

I feel this longing of a restless heart within me, and I enjoy it. Home is anywhere, also I can be happy anywhere too. Anything can hold a precious happy moment… just go out there and enjoy life!

Sent with a big smile!

Yours, Sovely


  1. afrikafrau

    Reise wie du in Gedanken an schöne Orte, Inseln Kontinente, die ich besucht, nicht vergessen habe, stay home, wie du, koche internationale Gerichte, Balkon Atelier geöffnet,es ist Sommer, rieche das Meer, spüre die Brise, bin gedanklich in meinem Ferienhaus in Afrika, höre Musik aus Dakar, genau wie du,. Stay home, stay happy, as you do….feel good…..

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  2. T.

    Oh Sovely, vielen Dank für den Verweis auf meinen Blog. Auch wir machen nearshore Urlaub und die nächste Postkarte werfe ich heute oder morgen in den virtuellen Kasten

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