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I’m old school to an extend, as I love to fill notebooks. In this special case, it needs to be more “handy” though. I don’t wanna loose the moment, which is why I started a list on my cellphone. Topics that came across my mind and that I’d like to give a second thought, maybe do some research, maybe write about it…. I’ve been doing that for the past year. My blog added up to 295 articles within one year. And there is still so much to write about… It is no mysterie, it is the love to write and share.

Ich bin etwas altmodisch. Ich liebe es beispielsweise Notizbücher zu füllen. In diesem speziellen Fall muss es jedoch “handlicher” sein. Ich möchte nicht den Moment verlieren, weshalb ich eine Liste auf meinem Handy gestartet habe. Themen, die mir in den Sinn kamen und über die ich gerne noch einmal nachdenken möchte, vielleicht recherchieren, vielleicht darüber schreiben … Ich mache das schon seit einem Jahr. Mein Blog hat sich binnen eines Jahres mit 295 Artikel angereichert. Und es gibt noch so viel zu schreiben … Es ist kein Geheimnis, es ist die Liebe zum Schreiben und Teilen.

Ideas for next blog articles:

  • Protecting the little one, news on radio, Photos on cigarette boxes you can’t avoid.
  • Minime – Schleich toys
  • Opera
  • Freedom
  • Facility
  • Burning-through
  • Essence of the stages of life
  • old traditional German jobs and stores (Drogerie, Schlachter, Bäcker…)
  • When/why to give gifts, Vulnerable gifts (time, letters, food, something liked, something wanted, something that is important to yourself, Perfume)
  • Dreams vs Reality
  • Commitment, virtues and loyalty today
  • Passion / secret passion: bmx, breakdance, material arts
  • The mystic of bridges, doors, tunnels, ladders
  • Gift vs creativity
  • At home standing for who are you – giving a view inside
  • Figures, pattern and colors of nature
  • Giving credit and understanding of copyright
  • Being human, not being alone, having a party, cherish time with the beloved ones, friends and family though you can not choose your family
  • Examples for good karma / explanation
  • Giving/sharing without expectations
  • Happy and very kind religious girl example
  • Gratefulness and cherishing
  • A life full of lists such as bucket lists, to do lists, done lists (!)…
  • summery of the first year, goals, lessons, advice, what next
  • What do books you read reveal about you?
  • Book lovestories, Library, Reading nowadays, Cherishing books, Minime & books, Bookaboo
  • Shortstories, Poetry, WordArt, word-warrior and “construction worder” (Wortkreirer)
  • Food, Food & love, Food & Friends, Bolognese, stew
  • Love
  • Treasure
  • Your meaning / what has a meaning to yourself
  • Criticism
  • The art of decorating flowers in Japan, decorating rooms, gardens – even a gap is chosen and has a meaning, filling up space/gap is meaningless
  • Links/Networking
  • Are there really dead end streets in real life? Cul-de-sac road
  • Cosmopolitan, mixing languages
  • Importance of opinions
  • Learning to have proper discussions
  • Meaningless
  • Personal growth, excepting development and changes
  • Classes I attended for personal growth
  • Asking questions
  • Proper behavior
  • Open book: No blame, No shame, No judgment = vulnerable but stronger
  • Escape from reality through TV, drugs, alcohol, busy life style
  • Self-love, Creative self-marketing self-love award
  • fountain of emotions „Springbrunnen“
  • 5, a handful of friends, Friendship
  • Magic, mystic, little witch shop
  • Rauhnächte
  • The blogging community, exchange, growing…
  • Social behavior and environmentally
  • Why I love myself
  • Why I love you
  • Chameleon
  • Life is creating content
  • WordArt (History, translation, swear words)
  • Independent = I mean some things means nothing
  • Sonnengrau is the answer on 50shades of grey to the extent of how this word is engraving
  • It stands for real life, for variety, neglected truth, mental illness
  • Not as superficial- a deep and strong sunnygrey
  • Burn Out
  • Society
  • Independent = I mean some things means nothing
  • Give and take
  • Minime, next generation
  • Common welfare/economy „Gemeinwohl Ökonomie“
  • Experiences with politics
  • GEZ Independent German Television, comparison with USA
  • USA as role-model?
  • „Spanner“ real world – do you live in the real world
  • Monks saying hi
  • Personal space, touchy person + assault
  • Different colors of life
  • Different ways to see the world
  • Spiderweb of connections, Goethe house painting
  • Fear protects you
  • Bravery helps you to overcome obstacles
  • Brain helps to understand
  • Talkshows
  • Loving our job „Berufung“
  • Soldier technique to ask questions, right listening, conclusion
  • Sex killer
  • Giving away love on a daily basis
  • Soldiers/Pride
  • Rabbit hole, Cut of the losses, Can not win this, Is it worth it, Loosing my mind
  • Crazy superheroes
  • Why do they call it falling in love
  • A pocket full of…
  • Beuteschema
  • Happy end (Minime)
  • Quotes
  • Passion, dedication, lust, seduction
  • Taboo / issues
  • What do we identify with? The picture we have of ourselves
  • Every day hero
  • Languages / abroad/ home / rebirth
  • Bad news=good news
  • Polarizing
  • Layers vs simple
  • smell
  • Augenschein/ Augen Schein
  • Back in school, which classes?
  • So what would I tell the young Sovely, if I could travel in time?
  • Face muscles, Clowns
  • Not afraid of death but fear life
  • Generation Golf / Generation Bravo, Doctor Sommer Team
  • Fighting for
  • Don’t wait for something in life. Waiting means wasting. Continue to live and cherish and enjoy your life. That’s the best you can do.
  • Soulmate | Soulmates attracts another
  • Being touched
  • The monster within
  • Family Mustermann (Ikea, Abriss von Geschichte)
  • Crazy
  • Believer
  • Tee
  • Jasmine
  • Spices
  • Flesh blood bone I’m human
  • VIP
  • more Music: Rio Reiser, Tommy Finke, Wellbad, Kiefer Sutherland
  • Blogging can be so much more than just sharing pictures and thoughts:
  • Self development
  • Hope
  • Tower of strength
  • Widen horizon
  • Traveling and connecting the world
  • human and it’s not
  • honest
  • It carries you


    1. Sovely Matters

      Ich auch, irgendwie… ich schreibe natürlich immer nur dann, wenn mich die Muse knutscht… und nicht zu viele andere Gedanken dazwischen purzeln. Wie lang pflegst Du denn Deine Handy-Liste schon?


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