“Good Vibrations”

I have one confession to make and it is about pop music that might sound cheezy to some…

Imagine a hot summer day outside. Blue sky, burning sun, a fresh breeze, having enough time to let loose, probably a chilled drink, probably one or two ice-cream, a good conversation, great people by your side, enjoying life and of course – some happy music.

Wondering what kind of confession is about to follow!?

It is one of the days when I really feel like listening to The Beach Boys all time long!

Seriously “Rock N Roll Music” was released in 1976, I was just born back then, still this song is soooo good and timeless. “God only knows” – one of my all time favorites, which always touches my heart. “California Dreaming”, “California Girls”, “Kokomo”, “Barbara Ann”, “Wouldn’t it be nice”, “Surfing USA”, “I get around” “Fun, fun, fun”, “Help me, Rhonda”, “Do you wanna dance”, “Good vibrations” and lots more. Songs like that are guaranteed happy pills. Life welcoming. Beautilful presence. Please turn up the music and enjoy this very special feeling that fits perfectly well to the happy and light-feeling of summer time! Life is wonderful!

Honestly, way back in time, I never imagined that music could create great atmosphere like that. That it can take you far away to different places…

I remember being back in the U.S.A., out in California in late summer: out of nowhere I just had to buy my first own Beach Boys CD. I put it on while driving the car along the coast of Cali. I never will forget this feeling. That was the point I understood. I had to experience this feeling to really feel the songs of The Beach Boys!

Nowadays it really got me. I’m a little beach pearl. I was happy to see Brian Wilson life on stage, too. Great tunes, wonderfull atmosphere, lovely summer time, a special feeling that is lasting – let’s enjoy life!


  1. Talianna

    I can’t help thinking about a German book by Reinhold Ziegler, looking at those pictures, reading what you’ve written. It ist called “Es gibt hier nur zwei Richtungen, Mister”. It is about a man about to be thirty years old who escaped the problems back in Germany and trying to find himself by traveling around the United States. He reaches California together with a fifteen year old hitchhiker – an in fact, when they reach California at last, in my head the Beach Boys are playing. Some chapters must be titled with songs by the Beach Boys, but I just can’t remember if it was more than “Fun, Fun, Fun” and “Surfin’ U.S.A.”.

    That book had a big impact on my life.

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