Ahoi Hamburg! ||Elbjazz Festival

Welcome to the city of Hamburg, where we say “Fischmaaaarkt, digga, Fischmaaarkt” and we welcome you by saying “hummel hummel” and you will have to respond “mors mors”.

Dearest Hamburg, you’ve always been right here in my heart. I usually call myself “Fischkopf” (fish-head), “Nordish by nature” (Northern by nature) or simply a “Hamburger Deern” (old synonym for a girl from Hamburg), and even though I have been away for a period, you’ve always been my number one choice to be.

I’m proud to be a Nordlicht! (nothern light)

Hamburg, meine Perle” (my pearl) is a well known expression for people from around here, cherishing our hometown. And yes, Hamburg is a true beauty. When the sun is shining, all it’s contraries are gloaming and you will be fascinated by this multi-sided city. We do have our small neighborhoods and attractions just around the corner, at the same time Hamburg is huge and exploding. It’s growing and it has always something to offer: quiet or loud, nature or urban, chic or down to earth… It has interesting architecture, combining modern Haven City with it’s old “Speicherstadt” and all the old unique buildings. We love our neighborhood. We do have a history. We enjoy the beauty of having water running through the city, with more bridges than Venice. We even can chill out on our own city-beach.

You sure can discover Hamburg with all your senses:

Look at the city and it will flatters your eyes with it’s numerous different choices and it’s true beauty.

Listen to it’s typical sounds: the harbor, the “Fischmarkt”, “Reeperbahn” and even it’s own songs such as “An de Eck steiht ‘n Jung mit’n Tüddelband” , Hans Albers “Auf der Reeperbahn nachts um halb eins”, Udo Lindenberg’s “Reeperbahn”, Lotto King Karl “Hamburg, meine Perle”, Fettes Brot’s “Nordisch by Nature”, Stefan Gwildis’ “Wunderschönes Grau”, Jan Delay’s “St. Pauli” and lot’s more…

Smell and taste the fresh salty breeze from the North Sea, reaching out for all the “Hamburger” through the river Elbe. You often can smell the salty water and taste it on your lips. It is like the blood pumping through our veins. It is refreshing, connecting us with the whole world and making us feel alive.

Feel you are one with Hamburg! Everyone is welcome here. We are alive! There is so much to experience, anything has it’s space, the boring grey from just around the corner or the sparkling freak and it’s entourage. It’s all good, we’re all at home in Hamburg. We are kinda cold in the beginning, but once we became friends, you can be sure you have a friend for life. We do have a fire burning inside our heart.

…and we sure do need this fire, as a lot of people have seen too much of the wet, cold, grey rainy days as well. It is common to say that it’s not bad weather but bad clothes. Be prepared for cuddling up in small pubs with a beer, having a “Klönschnack” (small talk) while outside the beautiful grey and “Schietwetter” presents itself. We love our city, with all our heart.

Why do I come up with a love-story like that, still saying nothing new? Because this is the real deal: the typical Hamburg with all it shades of grey and it’s colors. We have it all!

I’ve been to various places, to always return to my hometown. We don’t need another tour guide to point out all our wonderful spots, tourists will always find Hamburg on a map.

My true recommendation is to come to Hamburg and visit the “Elbjazz” Festival! It is a festival that first took place in 2010 and the first time I was there was: this week-end, June 2019! Unbelievable. Typical “Hamburger Understatement”. It took me too long to finally discover this unique event that presents the heart of Hamburg with all it’s beauty!

“I am still flashed by the wonderful days I had at “Elbjazz”, it was a rendezvous with my city.” || MurmelMeister

Starting at Elphi (the lovely nickname for, guess what!?) within the center of the impressing “Hafen City”, taking a “Barkasse” boat to the other side of the Elbe. Looking back to the skyline, waving to “Michel” and the “Tanzende Türme” (dancing towers) on Reeperbahn, reaching out for the cranes of Blohm & Voss and it’s special atmosphere.

I love the whole concept of this festival. It is not just another festival, it has a heart and a soul! It is made with a lot of love for the Hamburger and anyone, who wants to celebrate with us.

The docks are the perfect surrounding. They are part of the real deal, various stages, great music, local and world class artists, food trucks from around the world and so much more. A “high class festival” with a lot of beautiful details. For example pointing out the huge mirror balls, hanging down from the tower cranes and adding another special glitter to this glamerous event. It’s something between chic with real vine and vine glasses to enjoy a beautiful event and sunset on a wonderful location. It’s very relaxed and mature, still it’s a lot of fun too. Celebrating together with great people. And it’s urban and down to earth at the same time, as you can meet anyone from your hood at the festival and from anywhere else too. You can chose to sit on chairs, benches, euro-pallets or simply on the ground, it’s all good. It’ jazzy, poppy, upbeat and modern, sometimes very heavy and touching, often fresh and light.

I had a wonderful time, thanks to Elbjazz and my stunning Hamburg – my love. Isn’t it fantastic when a festival creates such a strong feeling of affiliation!? I sure had to share it with you guys, giving a shout out to you all over this world: “What is your love-story?”

More Information here -> www.elbjazz.de

“Es bleibt Hamburg, diese großartige Synthese einer Stadt aus Atlantic und Alster, aus Buddenbrooks und Bebel, aus Leben und Lebenlassen. Ich liebe diese Stadt mit ihren kaum verhüllten Anglizismen in Form und Gebärden, mit ihrem zeremoniellen Traditionsstolz, ihrem kaufmännischen Pragmatismus und ihrer zugleich liebenswerten Provinzialität.” || Helmut Schmidt


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