Free to be me

Free to be me

My soul wants to be free

And so does my heart

My body is my host

Guided by them for decades

I learned to fly

I took a rest whenever I wanted

And stayed wherever I felt welcome

I knew when it was time to move on

And I did so

Traveling through time and space

I’m turning strong

I need this freedom to be myself

Space to grow and get along

Creativity and the simple presence

Enlightening my surrounding

I am, I live my life

I am grateful for this knowledge

And happy to repeatedly realize

I am blessed discovering freedom

And simply be me

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  1. Well said! The freedom to be yourself. To be able to explore the world through your own eyes is one of the greatest gifts we have.

    At times, it is difficult to avoid looking at life through someone else’s lenses. But with time, we craft our own and no longer allow ourselves to be influenced by those of others.

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    1. Thanks so much for stopping by and for your beautiful words, I love it.

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    2. Thank you for creating something lovely!

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