V.I.P. || Samurai Musashi

A face to remember:


Musashi Fujiwarano

Last(ing) Samurai in Modern World

Webpage: www.musashi34.com
Instagram: www.instagram.com/samurai__musashi

Since 2017 more than 1.600 postings and over 22.100 followers on Instagram.

(c) Samurai Musashi Fujiwarano

Musashi Fujiwarano. A modern Samurai, who has traveled far. A true cosmopolitan. An old soul crossing all borders, connecting with anyone to share love and spread world peace. Bushido is the way he lives: justice | courage | benevolence | politeness | sincerity | honour | loyalty.


Samurai Musashi has more than words to give to us. Once you come across him, you will be fascinated, inspired and delighted by his personality. He is living the old spirit of a traditional Samurai. “I have traveled around the world as a messenger promoting Bushido -The Samurai Spirit- as a way to bring Peace.” he says. (source: www.musashi34.com)

Repeatedly I saw this smart Japanese men looking at me through Instagram. Online I followed him to various countries such as: India, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania, Italy, Austria, Poland, Germany, Sweden, Cambodia, Thailand, France, United Kingdom, USA. For years Samurai Musashi has been traveling a great deal. He is a very interesting character, continuing his journey with limited luggage only. He always carries traditional Japanese clothes “Wafuku” (jap.: 和服) with him, dressed simple to honor his roots and what he believes in, the Samurai way of life. “Wafuku” (jap.: 和服) means the kanji wa (和) “peace”, “unity”, “harmony”, the kanji fuku (服) means “clothes”.

Looking at him, you have the impression it’s an old soul traveling almost anywhere in order to ask for “world peace” and “peace for all“. His message is clear and simple, expressed by signs and flags that he and his encounters are holding up for that one shot. “Free photo”. We all are free to join him. Freedom. What a beautiful and rich word and a wonderful goal to aspire: peace all over this world! That’s why he is traveling. That’s why he is spreading the word. It’s what he truly believes in and seeks for. And it is why he takes pictures.

The shortest way between two people is a smile.

old Asian quote

Samurai Musashi is capturing smiles within thousands of photos and he shares it with us.

Visiting Samurai Musashi on Instagram, picture after picture you get to meet people from around the globe: any age, gender, color, believes…

Whom ever he meets, he leaves people with a smile and with love. Peace. Harmony. Happiness. And the feeling of unity. People are touched by what he is doing and what he has to say. It is very simple and effective. Not too many words needed to understand his mission. Very touching and love only. It’s wonderful what Samurai Musashi does, very selfless, altruistic – and inspiring! I really am deeply touched and impressed.

(c) Samurai Musashi Fujiwarano

I was lucky to have Samurai Musashi answer some of my questions, before he continued to travel to India. I met a modest and quiet Samurai, who explains: “This activity is by myself.” Very pure. Only being himself and have his action to speak out for itself.

MurmelMeister: “You seem restless and searching. What is your daily motivation to continue what you do?”
Samurai Musashi: “I can continue this activity because there are many people who support me on SNS and people who see and cheer me in everywhere.”

MurmelMeister: “What was the key-point to start this project?”
Samurai Musashi: “Courage to act”

MurmelMeister: “Where will your road lead you next?”
Samurai Musashi: “I would like to give a speech at a place like TED if I have a chance. Also I would like to make a movie in the future.”

MurmelMeister: “The search for the meaning of life and the question of your contribution in this life is no stranger to you. What does that mean in concrete terms to you?”
Samurai Musashi: “That’s a difficult question… Since I enjoyed my life to some extent, I now want to do something for others and started to act.”

MurmelMeister: “What makes you smile?”
Samurai Musashi: “Family, friends and new encounters”

MurmelMeister: “Any idea yet when you will stop traveling?”
Samurai Musashi: “I want to continue as much as possible”

MurmelMeister: “Do you ever feel lonely?”
Samurai Musashi: “Yes, I do”

Remember the person offering free hugs!? I have to admit for a sec it crossed my mind, that I might start to conquer the worlds as well, offering free hugs – whenever Samurai Musashi Fujiwarano feels lonley.

Samurai Musashi never really seem to be lonely though. He is supported by uncountable followers. I talked to various people all over and they all cherish Samurai Musashi’s mission and are keen to meet him in person:

Emmanuel, France: “I follow him for 7 years on Facebook and now Instagram. I like his pictures, they’re peaceful and hopeful. He always answered to my comments. For me he is a very good example of love between people, freedom and hope for humanity.”

Basti, Germany: “I’ve been fascinated by martial arts and samurai for a long time. By chance, I spotted Samurai Musashi on Instagram. Unfortunately, I have not had a chance to meet him yet, but I would very much like to see him in person. What Samurai Musashi does is remarkable. I really believe he can make a difference. This is due to the spread of the bushido, the code of honor the samurai stands for, such as respect, honesty, courage… All of this is unfortunately very much lost in nowadays world, which is a reason for many problems today. My best wishes goes out to Samurai Musashi for his mission!”

Bodhisan, France: “I admire his peaceful ideas and I’m appreciative for what he is as a person. It’s someone who makes you want to travel with him. Unfortunately I haven’t met him in person yet.”

Th3Villl, Germany: “So how do I feel about Samurai Musashi and his mission: he really inspires me and and motivates me every time I remember him or see a post of him. I wish him that he fulfills his dreams and motivates and inspires many people as much as me.”

Richard, United Kingdom: “World piece…. We are all on the same planet Earth.. We are as one.. Does not matter if yr from North to south. West to east on planet earth..we are all Human, we bleed, we need food. We need water. We need the air we all breath, we need each other some time in our lives…. I can go…just smile…”

…All this gives me hope, strength and a big smile on my face. Thank you Samurai Musashi for sharing this positive energy with us! And to all of you out there:

Please leave a note and share this blog, to have Samurai Musashi reach even more people all over this world! One Love.


  1. Juan Daniel corona rosas

    I really impressed about this kind of actions that needs a lot of courage and be brave to travelarrond the World, sharing peace and love, people like him, only one, i hope he comes to México soon!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. D'Argon

    Dear Sovely,
    This is D’Argon of Playful Tantra. I teach tantra, intimacy and Shibari in person, to couples and groups. Thank you for reaching out to me on Instagram about Samurai Musashi. As a student of martial arts I recognize his true warrior spirit; a clear vision, a simple and effective way to reach his goal that is impressive and inspiring. I wish him all the best in his travels. Thank you for promoting his message 🙏❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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