Cosmopolitan || Shout out to my friends all over this world

Let’s think of:
|| Old leather suitcases covered with stickers, witnessing all the places we have been.
|| Piles of postcards from anywhere we have been on vacation.
|| A fridge covered with magnets that we bought, reminding us of all these beautiful places.

I am a traveler. A cosmopolitan. In Germany, I was born and raised and while being stuck at school, I already felt the pressure to escape from this small, limited country. Do you know the feeling of being urged to conquer the world as well!? Don’t mind going to new places?! Do you love going anywhere and enjoy finding your way around?! Easily travel on your own?! Call us explorer. International. No limits.
I don’t wanna limit my view. I enjoy being in contact with people and things from all over the world. I’m very open to different ideas and ways of doing things.
As all of us travelers, I’m curious and very open to life. Unfortunately I only speak German and English. Needless to say that a smile is understood everywhere. Sharing food, love and/or music is a common thing anywhere.

Used to call me “nordish by nature”. I am a “Nordlicht”. A “Fischkopf”, some say. I’ve been visiting the USA repeatedly and spent a pretty long time overseas. I used to see myself as a New Yorker by heart. Since I was a little girl, I always wanted going there.
Since living in Frankfurt, I love that city too. I never considered that before, still I fell in love with Mainhattan. I enjoy the fusion of people from all over the world, living it to the fullest in Frankfurt. Great food variety, great architecture, culture, surrounding… as said before, I enjoy to explore.

In my opinion traveling broadens the mind. Writing all this I gotta say, this lifestyle fits for me, it doesn’t work for anyone. Some people prefer “den sicheren Heimathafen”. That’s what we say in Hamburg, and it means some like to stay at the home harbor, where it’s all familiar and save. I like it cozy too, don’t get me wrong. Home is a place, where the heart is, where the beloved people are. Where you feel your world and you know you’re one. I am at home at different places. After all, I know where my roots are from. I cherish my roots and culture and am thankful of living a fortunate life giving me the possibility to grow beyond any boarders.

photo credit: thanks for sharing these pictures with us, my dear friend Ina.

If I look around, I see one world. One mother nature, with different people, cultures and resources to complete another. Big cities. Small villages. Urban life. Country side. Middle of nowhere. Everywhere and anywhere. I love it all. I traveled quite a good deal and have friends all over. Itchy feet is more welcome, feeling homesick -to me- is rare. As said before, I enjoy wherever I am and I know where my heart is. I know where I’m coming from. I indeed have strong roots.

Taking it to a more spiritual level, I have the feeling of living different lifes in different countries before. I often find myself attached to some Asian countries and cultures, even further I always feel drawn back to the USA. Meeting people from other cultures and still having the feeling of being close. I’m sure you’ve had some “déjà vus” in your life as well?! Considering we’re all made of one huge energy source, somehow we are all one. It might be possible to travel through time and space.

Looking at the world nowadays, our cultures seems to all melt and mingle into one big stew of life. Sometimes spicy, sometimes bland, rich or healthy and lots more… I do see downsides, thinking of this fusion. We all might loose our culture. At the same time, I see a lot of benefits too. I see differences between countries, I see danger as well.

After all it’s about taking nothing for granted.
It’s about cherishing life, being attentive and trying to adapt.
Learning. Growing. While at the same time not forgetting where we are coming from.
…and lots more. Our world is a truly wonderful place!

Cosmopolitanism country within the era of globalism. The internet connects people anywhere. I am happy to meet you all on my page. It puts a smile on my face checking out the statistics and realizing that I have visitors from not just Germany, but USA, Austria, UK, India, Switzerland, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Turkey, Greece, Denmark, Ireland, Ukraine, China, Sweden, Brazil, South Africa, France, Malaysia, Italy, Romania, Czech Republic, Singapore, Croatian, Russia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Slovakia, Luxembourg, Egypt, Spain, South Korea, Iraq, Philippine, United Arab Emirate, Hong Kong, Finland…

Shout out to all of you!
…so where are you from??? And what is your fave place to be? Please leave me a note!


  1. wifeblah

    You are indeed blessed for having the opportunity to travel. I am with you, in your love with culture and people. First time when I left my country for a vacation as a child, I realized one thing – my favorite thing about traveling is the CULTURE. I was so amazed how people can leave differently, think differently and survive differently. I love Manhattan too, I love broadway, the train and of course the their food. But please I will never live in NY – the weather will kill me. 🙂 🙂 Hope to see you traveling more.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sovely Matters

      Thank you Priscilla! Yes, I do have a strong connection with the USA and Asia and I previously had the feeling too, that this might cause on previous lifes. Great to meet you out here and once again, thanks for leaving a note with me.

      Great to hear you are with the one you love. That is a precious gift!


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