Talking: Life taught us, there are many ways to express ourselves. Sometimes it is a blink of an eye that says it all. Mostly we use word after word after word summing up to a sentence that is supposed to say it all. Sometime we use plenty of words – without any meanings. At times we decide to go with specific words, which are sharp and precise to leave us without any questions. Some people can do magic with words. And some decide to only play Ping-Pong, throwing words back and forth. Sometimes we talk too much but don’t say a thing. We treasure the times when we are left with one word solely, that wins over the whole world. As said before, there are plenty ways to express ourselves…

Listening: Life taught us, there are many ways to understand. Did you recognize I repeated myself? Did you pay attention? Did you stumble about my mistakes? Did you start thinking about how you communicate? Do you enjoy listening to yourself? Are you listening to others? Do you accept the unspoken laws of respectful discussions? Do you wait until it’s your turn to talk? Are you concentrating on the person you talk to? Do respect your counter part or are you prejudiced at times? Are you open to a new message? I’m sure you are expecting me to repeat: there are many ways to understand as well…

Outcome: We learned about various ways of communication, listening and talking. Remember, we’re all humans. Sometimes we communicate for entertainment, often because it’s needed. We enjoy when we really get it on point. We crave for the moment of the feedback. We are aware it does something with us. It has an influence on the person talking and on the listener, too.

At times we listen to the same topics over and over again, but it doesn’t click. It’s not the words we need or maybe not the right time. Be inspired to start questioning… A deeper understanding happens, when it is earned.

Luckily the lessons in life repeat themselves. There are others who experienced similar before. And others who will in the future. It is your turn. We’ll come to a point when we are ready for whatever our lesson is, right at that moment. Our trigger might be a different one than others…

The outcome is essential.

Whatever position we are in – if it comes out of our core, revealing heartstrings, it is right and means something. If you don’t take yourself too serious, take a step towards other people and try to be open.

We don’t need to search for a deeper meaning, it will reveal itself.

And yes, cherish the moment of silence and have a listen.

…now what about you? How are you doing?

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