Magical Start

…the past 12 days I was busy with something called “Rauhnächte/Rauhnacht”. It is a special time of the year taking place between Christmas and New Year. Actually I started a special ritual for that event on Dec 25th. It is a time period that is magic, open and full of wonders. It is said that the borders to transcendence are gone within that period, the doors are wide open, so it offers a deep connection with deeper thoughts, feeling, understandings and wishes. This got me busy every past night. It felt good. Actually more than good: it was magic! Magic it reached me, I let it happen and was part of it.

So last night in my dreams, a big key-chain appeared and I lost the keys and was looking for it desperately. By the way, keys stand for experiences and a deeper understanding you are looking for. (Interesting topic too, especially if you try to connect the meaning of the dream with the ritual and deeper understanding of the “Rauhnacht”.)

On Jan. 5th was the last night of “Rauhnächte”. Again, magic was in the air. I felt a lot of energy, different places, times, wisdom etc – all traveling through these nights to be welcomed by open arms and with an open heart like mine. I still feel blessed. To me these nights were rich and offered a deeper understanding, letting go and preparing myself for the new year. Now I am ready. The last year was a tough one, rich with various topics, feelings, experiences and a lot to learn. I took time throughout the year to look at myself and my path, questioned and found myself again – and certainly my heart and the wonderful power and strength within myself.

2018 brought a lot of answers and this understanding makes me feel obliged to take action this new year.

Now it’s 2019 and I have to live, what I learned. I have to make it happen. I want to follow my way. I wish to grow even stronger and feel, that I certainly have the power and capacity to proceed. I am thankful for that.

After letting go the “Rauhnächte”, I picked a Tarot Card of Thoth Taro. I asked myself if my dream and the keys and experiences, if all that will help me to succeed in 2019 and the answer again is: 4 of a cups. Rich love as a treasure and all this brings a duty with it, meaning it needs to be shared and not taken for granted.

Here we go, I’m on my way and I feel how my energy is filling up the room and is asking for space to unfold it’s magic.

What a perfect sign to start the new year!

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