Magical Personalities

“…taking you way back in time to when I started writing poems. Being a native German Speaker, I always loved writing English lyrics. I enjoyed juggling around with words, learning more vocabulary, I got curious about words and phrases, it’s meaning and what ever is between the lines. “Magical Personalities”, to me is ‘old school’, but I think it’s timeless.

|| Sovely Matters

Magical Personalities

Whenever I see all this

Tragic stuff going on

I ask myself why I believe in magic

Some people I don’t care about

But others, who make me screaming loud

People I like to ignore

Or others, I really adore

Sometimes my picture of someone

Can be mixed up or pretty much wrong

Then I start being confused

And my feelings get abused

But pretty often I’m right about

My first impression of a person

There are some special ones

Who are very precious to me

Can’t explain it ‘though

‘Cause magic is the key

But from the very start

I feel we are on the same level

Meeting somewhere, deep down

In our mind and heart


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