Room And A View

Room And A View

A long trip we made
To stop wherever you are
I stopped a while ago, ready to move on
A thin silky thread reminds me of our past
Hope and believe make me long for our future
I already can see the both of us
Old wandering souls
Somewhere in this universe
Maybe way beyond that
You stick to your rules and it’s okay
You choose to be somewhere
Some place save for yourself
Dealing with yourself only
Your biggest challenge
Who are you, leaving
Still soaking in life, just like that?
Past, present, future
You are anywhere on this planet
And the place still seem to be too small for you
You always want more
Going beyond what ever you know
You simply grasp for everything
Breathing it all in
What is the price for all of this?
What kind of life
And are you living?
Reading and watching
Hidden behind your walls
Aimed with your laptop and cell phone only
Out of nowhere
I am there
My heart is your home
I’m just one call away
Nothing more, nothing less
You’re alone, your choice
One person is enough for this world
For your world
Your world is mine too
I sometimes sneak in there
I knock on your door
You can read me clearly
You, my perfect observer
A student
And life holdout
But there is so much
That needs to be lived through
Beyond feel, smell, touch, hear, taste, see -ing
There is life beyond mine, life beyond yours
You are right, there is so much more
Does this make sense?
Are we really looking for a sense in it?
Or did we learn to accept?
Acceptance, a hard lesson learned
You know, we both do
Call me stupid, call me naive
Call me anything you like
Keep calling
I love it when you do
Reaching out for me
I hear you, calling my name
Talking to you
Brings me back to life
Gives you a glimpse of life beyond yours
I make you angry
You get annoyed
I’m happy you do
No, you’re not numb
You are well alive
It’s all within you
It has it’s time
It’s own place
You tend to repeat yourself
You’re patient, holding on with me
While I am living my life
Facing my fears
Conquering this world
And you care
You help me navigate
You have these emotions inside yourself
You choose to have them not influence you
You think you are in control
As you fear to loose it
You’re still holding my hand
You are with me
Pulling me through
Making sure I’m not getting lost
I have my place
I am the little girl
And a wonderful giant
I actually need a lot of space
You and I, we’re in this together
I am everything you do not want
Pushing anything away
That is holding you back
No responsibilities
No worries
I am your world, that’s why I am strong
I am putting up with this
Soaking you in as well
Transferred through life times
I’m watching out for you
You taught me to love
I am your love guru
Pulling you back into life, my life
You are my life, you always will be
Our past is over
We don’t exist anymore
Not in this world together
You died, one part of me left as well
Gone to move on

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