Sprinkles Of Autumn || Haiku

I just returned from a little dance in the rain and took some pictures of our beautiful nature…

Sprinkles Of Autumn

Nature’s rich colors of fall
Sprinkled in water
Teardrops of a past season

Herbstlicher Nieselregen

Reich, Herbstfarben der Natur
Mit Wasser beträufelt
Tränen der letzten Saison

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  1. jhward220 says:

    Lovely photos! thank you for sharing.

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    1. Happy you like them, thanks for your note.

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    2. jhward220 says:

      You’re welcome
      Sorry I didn’t leave a better comment. Just been a very busy day. But I really did enjoy your post.

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    3. all good, I know these days well. I appreciate your stopping by to say hi no matter what. I always enjoy visiting your blog as well. It’s great to exchange. Interaction means a lot. Thanks. Enjoy your day!

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    4. jhward220 says:

      You too my friend

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  2. Oh, yes my favorite time of year! I love that snail shot! I had to look twice to see what it was! I love how the rain makes everything look so vibrant! Happy Fall to you!

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    1. Thanks so much Michelle Marie, I’m late with keeping up this time. Hope all is well!

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    2. This happens to me too. Have a lovely Sunday! 💜🦋

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