Bookmarked #4

Wanna join me and create some stories around pictures I took?!

I looked into my photos and postcards from Cuba. Some of those pictures really tell a story, from my point of view. I guess that is the reason I always loved them. Here we go and as always, you’re welcome to join me and leave a comment!

We can find a story in anything if we pay attention. || Überall können wir eine Geschichte finden, sofern wir aufmerksam sind.

Bist du dabei und erschaffst mit mir Kurzgeschichten zu meinen Urlaubsfotos?

Ich habe ich mir meine Fotos und Postkarten aus Kuba angesehen. Einige dieser Bilder erzählen aus meiner Sicht wirklich eine Geschichte. Ich denke, das ist der Grund, warum ich so sehr schätze. Also los geht’s und wie immer bist du herzlichen eingeladen mitzumachen und einen Kommentar zu hinterlassen!


As I took the picture, I didn’t even really see the man on his bike. Honestly, I realized he was pointing at…. (?) as I looked at my pictures back home. Since ever I have mixed up feelings and asked myself what I’ve missed.

Photo1 : Any idea what he is pointing at? What could be the hidden story here?


I loved this building. I was staying at the hotel across and always enjoyed this beautiful view, while I was waiting for my superheros to come along.

Photo 2: Any idea what this building could be the headquarter of?


Photo 3: What is the old Lady looking at or waiting for?


An eye on all the living beings, who are out on the streets of Habana. I briefly thought about just following that dog for a day and see where it takes me…

Photo 4: Who is he and where is he heading to?


I caught this private movie in front of the movie theatre in Habana.

Photo 5: Are you getting the vibe of this story?


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