After a busy week it is time for a rich and relaxing Sunday, to enjoy the good you have done and to fill up your batteries.

“Have a very happy Sunday!”

You are welcome to download the photo above and spread some love.

|| With Love by MurmelMeister


  1. IanC555

    It is a beautiful image! Bountiful love.

    You know? When people are dying, the family is most often distressed when the loved one stops eating. This is the only time it is normal to stop eating. The family is distressed because the loved one won’t eat, and no mater the delicious food they present, the loved one has no appetite at the end of life.

    So I tell them…”The first love…the very first love a human being is given when they are born is…the love given by being fed, and so I do understand how distressing it is when the most basic love you know how to give is lost to you. Food…and being fed and feeding another is LOVE; a primary love. And not being able to love this way is very heart breaking”

    THE IMAGE FEEDS TO SOUL, M’Dear…and great love is felt in it.

    It’s still Saturday here; 8 p.m. It’s warm and the sky is orange/pink as the sun sets.

    I’ll save this image for tomorrow…On Sunday…LOL


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    1. Sovely Matters

      That sounds beautiful Ian, thank you so much for your words. They carried so much love, I really appreciate it. Your example is perfect. My Sunday in Germany is starting, I know time is behind overseas. Enjoy your Sunday and all the best for you! ❤️ Sovely

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