Imagine Germany

Imagine Germany…

Imagine Germany without “Kuckucksuhr”.

Imagine Germany without rich “Schwarzbrot”.

Imagine Germany without beer and heavy beer pots.

Imagine Germany without heavy tasty food.

Imagine Germany without “Schlager” music and no “Oktoberfest”.

Imagine Germany without red light district and no techno party croud. No “Reeperbahn”.

Imagine Germany without “Gartenzwerge” watching out for the neighbors.

Imagine East and West Germany, no Berliner nor Hamburger.

Imagine Germany without “Jägerzäune” and old men with sandals and white socks.

Imagine Germany without the “Autobahn” and cars driving slowly.

Imagine seeing the German national flag.

Imagine Germany without history, when there are blank pages only, ready to be filled.

Imagine Germans have lost their voice and democracy.

Imagine Germans that won’t sing along with the national hymne. No German Soccer.

Doesn’t sound right… Imagine Germany and racism.

Imagine Germans being proud about the country and it’s own traditions and culture.

Imagine Germany as a place that is home to Weltbewohner.

Imagine this variety is given and normal, you either love it or adjust.

Imagine Germans would be more than proud, sticking to it’s culture, celebrating it and at the same time welcoming anybody else!

Germany. Still so much to learn. It’s good to know where you are coming from and it’s even better to realize you still are open to life that is different to what you are used to!

Honestly, I’ve never learned to be a proud German girl, but I was raised here, conquered the world in order to become a proud German Lady. Ready to raise my own child with proper German manners, that we are standing for. Showing where we are coming from such as roots, history, culture and traditions – and at the same time, celebrating anything else too, that is more life welcoming, happy and full of fire and energy.


  1. IanC555

    Those images are something! (a very good way of saying they are exceptional in American English).

    Of all of Europe, I’d ever only wanted to see Deutschland weil Ich kann ein bisschen Deutsch sprechen. Someday I will.

    The clocks remind me of my grandfather’s Swiss “coo coo” clock. I don’t know the German word for that, But every hour the little bird would pop out and say “Coo Coo” which sounded more like “Woo Woo.” LOL. It look very much like the clocks you show pictures of.

    Thank for the great reminder of both past and dream/hopes.

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