Modern Slavery || No, thank you.

||Sequel 3/3

Saying “No.” to modern slavery.

I have the choice….

I was lucky to have a weekly council in order to get to the roots of my depression. I learned that “burn out” belongs to the field of depression. And yes, there are reasons why people fall into a depression. There are reasons for it and there is a way out of it. And in between there is a lot of digging, analyzing and learning. I am still working on my project. It is a lot. I decided writing down my thoughts after each therapy, in order to clear my mind. 

I came across various topics that I wanna look into such as… why am I’m working until I’m exhausted and get sick? Why can I not protect myself? Do I love myself enough? Why do I seem to have difficulties to get back on a par with my boss? Lots of questions and sometimes it’s good to have someone by your side, who is not involved and has a neutral view and helps you to understand.

I bought various books that I am looking forward to work myself through. Topics such as: depression, burn out, returning home to yourself, loving yourself, this suffer does not belong to me and lots more. I am also looking into suffering that is forwarded to the next two-three generations through the gene. Interesting issues, especially if you are open to the history our progenitor has witnessed. It’s all within ourselves. We just need to pay attention and learn from it, in order to move on. To see it vividly: more than ten books and a long road ahead…

“I often have to remind myself to not fall back into old pattern.”

It’s easy to do what we are used to and get tingled up again in every day life again! I have to remember that I need to slow down and focus on those things, that really mean something: love, family, sweet little traditions, enjoying quite times and being with the ones I love. Cherishing the moment – so easy and difficult at the same time. Enjoying the current moment.

Right now. Right here.

I am a role model to my child. I know life out there is pretty demanding and fast, but it is on us to participate. We can decide how to deal with it.

At home this means to me: no TV all the time, but taking time to visit a library and to read. Phantasie is such a wonderful gift. Books provide knowledge. Playing family games and using phantasy and being blown away during playing, while being in our own Neverland world and reaching out for the stars. It’s not being stuck with a smart phone or computer games. Instead we take time to catch some frech herbs while gardening, cherishing Mother Nature and becoming aware of life on this planet. We enjoy cooking together, eating at the big family table. I want to make sure to see and learn as much as possible, remaining curious and having the option to choose! I feel obligated to pass this on to my Minime as well. 

“We sure can build small beautiful islands, that we may visit when ever we want to!”

It’s on me to learn and to practice, that my job is not in control of me anymore. I understood. I learned the hard way. My boss still seems to ignore it. We had discussions on it and the outcome is that I am expected to function again. Going back to work and continue, just like the burn out never happened. They totally ignore that there have been reasons for getting sick like that. My employer refuses any responsibility. Unbelievably ignorant.
I often feel like being in a mad house and wonder who is the responsible and mature leader. I know my answers. I am not bowing down or break. A big challenge and great opportunity to help other and grow. I don’t wanna feel like a victim and complain about the cruel world all the time. We create this world. We have the choice! 

I decided to fight for my rights, I am human and I want to be treated like that. It is the second time in my life, that I feel like there is a modern slavery existing. I don’t wanna be a salve, not at work and not to any technical devices or material wealth.

“Our goal should be to focus on things that make us happy, living a responsible and meaningful life.”

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