“Music was my first love”

||The Soundtrack of my life

I love this expression.

We all do have songs on our minds that are connected with a certain memory and feeling. Some songs are meant to stay forever. It’s either an unique melody, great lyrics, great voice, a specific “Ohrwurm” or something very special that lasts with you for a long long time. Music doesn’t have an expiring date.

Are you still interested in all the new releases that we are flooded in today? Or do you prefer your own playlist?

Remember listening to the jukebox, radio, mtv, vinyl, tapes, CDs, when it was your duty and choice at the same time?! Music as an addiction and something to identify with. Music uniting people. Even further music means rebellion such as Flower Power, Rock`N`Roll and lots more… Special voices that are easily recognized and speak for a whole generation. Superstars to die for.

Are you open to any musical genre? Or are you attracted to a certain style of music?

What is it, that makes a song special in your eyes? Any all time favorite?

Can you think of songs that define who you are?

Have you ever used song-lyrics to express what you wanted to say?

Thinking of a soundtrack of your life – which songs do you have on your mind?

Do you remember back in the days, when we recorded mix-tapes for special occasions?

Remember the feeling of being taken away just by music?!

Music to support various kinds of moods such as harmony, easiness, happiness, depression or even more aggressive?!

I do have a love-story going on: I’m in love with music. As I was a young girl, I wanted to become a singer. “Aber ich bin talentfrei.” Meaning: I am not talented. Still mix-tapes always were my big thing. Songs or music genres to identify with. Songs that carry on a special mood and memory.

Since it is one of the biggest love-stories of mine, I need to put an extra eye or better: ear on simple and pure music. I`d love to fill this up with nothing but music, music, music…

And as always – you are invited to leave a note and give an insight on yourself and what music means to you. What is your story? Take part and join my love parade on music. Let’s all be one great tune, the soundtrack of our life!

||Stay tuned. More to follow…


  1. ForgivingConnects

    How about something like Imagine by the Beatles? I led a Self-forgiveness and the Body workshop a few years ago, and I played that song after we did forgiveness. SO beautiful!!

    Also, I play the piano, and love the classical music 🙂

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