Dear Voyager

Various journeys you made
Different directions you took
Guided to aim for one goal
Your personal way of life
Led by your heart – your body and soul
You’re aware of the beats
Beat after beat it defines your melody

Suddenly for a short time you stop traveling
Where ever you are coming from
And where ever you’re going to
Silently I hear your voice
Blown away by a fresh breeze
Your soft words shortly comfort me
Awaking sweetest fantasies
You’re standing right across me
Packed luggage in your hand
And my heart does freeze
Searching… our eyes meet
Here and now – and for a short while
I feel you. I see it all clearly in slow motion
Dear restless soul and forceful heart
I see your shape and all the devotion
You’re going to leave
For a different time, a different land
„Stay“ I’m screaming loud
Trying to find the right language
To understand what it’s all about

There is so much we need to discuss
Looking for the same language, the right words
While the world continues to spin
A foreign country, time passes by
Your postcards are whispering your secret, but in a way shy

For a sweet short moment in life we met
You glance away into the distance
I simply am and counting the stars up high
We understood the secret
We are reaching out for the sky
Being in a flow, always ready to move
Aware we are travelers,
Joyful dancing and feeling the groove

At the end of every journey
We are expected, we’re back home
Exactly where we started from

A pile of postcards in front of us
We smile, we found our answers
Creating a melody, life wrote our song
The world remains the same,
It’s still spinning around and is on the move
We are looking at it differently, we feel the groove
As we are voyagers, all life long

Beautiful Soul

Light as a feather
Traveling through time
Kissing the moon and the sun
And returning to earth
Unfolding it’s secrets
While growing stronger
Mindfulness, appreciating life
While still searching
And finding pure love
Bow down to all those lessons learned
To all those past moments
To the faith and happiness inside me
The beauty of the moment
As I found you
And finally discovered
What I was longing for
Now I am completed
Because I found true love

Lightness | Leichtigkeit (summer in Sweden)

Magical Personalities
Whenever I see all this
Tragic stuff going on
I ask myself why I believe in magic
Some people I don’t care about
But others, who make me screaming loud
People I like to ignore
Or others, I really adore
Sometimes my picture of someone
Can be mixed up or pretty much wrong
Then I start being confused
And my feelings get abused
But pretty often I’m right about
My first impression of a person
There are some special ones
Who are very precious to me
Can’t explain it ‘though
‘Cause magic is the key
But from the very start
I feel we are on the same level
Meeting somewhere, deep down
In our mind and heart