…es gibt Besonderheiten im Leben, auf die man nicht vorbereitet ist. Loslassen nimmt dann eine völlig neue Dimension ein.


I recognized a close soul
And I was deeply touched
By the simple presence
I found true peace within myself

||Play On

“If music be the food of love, play on.”William Shakespeare  “Wenn Musik die Liebe nährt, dann erklinge.” Wondering what it is, that makes us feel strong and at peace for the moment…  To me, it is music that strengthens my heart and soul. It is creativity and the need to learn and grow, that keeps…

Antique And With Spirit?

I’m an old soul. I do love anything that has a history too. I like to pay attention. I enjoy investigating and listening. Things and people with character are more interesting to me than anything else. To give an easy example, if I visit other people’s place and look around, sometimes I immediately know names…

Taking Your Own Natural Space 2/3

|| previous chapter || go to -> 1/3 Taking your own natural space. Living your life. I do live my life. I follow my dreams and aim for my goals. I’m taking the challenges life is offering me, the ups and downs in life. It feels like a bumpy road I’m walking on, but it…