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Beautiful View

Speaking about Hamburg, you might not know that we do have a big lake in the heart of Hamburg, a river with it’s side-branches and canals throughout the city. We do have a lot of green within the city, parks, trees and places to hang out. It’s a great mixture of industry, commerce, living, pleasure, wellness and so much more.

I enjoy Hamburg a lot: the urban side, but also anything else. Today I took a little walk around the “Aussen-Alster”. The area is called “Schöne Aussicht” meaning “beautiful view”. If you actually have a home with this view, you certainly have made it big in Hamburg…

Schöne Aussicht

Über Hamburg sprechend, vielleicht ist es nicht so bekannt, dass wir einen großen See im Herzen von Hamburg haben, sowie einen Fluss mit seinen Seitenzweigen und Kanälen über die Stadt verteilt. Wir haben viel Grün in der Stadt, Parks, Bäume und Orte zum Abhängen. Es ist eine großartige Mischung aus Industrie, Handel, Leben, Vergnügen, Wellness und vielem mehr.

Ich mag Hamburg sehr: die urbane Seite, aber auch alles andere. Heute habe ich einen kleinen Spaziergang um die Aussen-Alster gemacht. Das Gegend dort nennt sich „Schöne Aussicht“. Wenn man dort ein Zuhause mit dieser Aussicht hat, hat man es in Hamburg tatsächlich geschafft…


  1. jonicaggiano

    What a very kind postcard. Thank you and the pictures are beautiful. I was actually born in Munich, Germany as my father was in the military and stationed there. I saw pictures and it looked beautiful. I remember my mother saying it was very pretty, she liked it there but we moved when I was still a baby. Thank you for the sweet post my friend. Love to you and all those you love. ❤️💕🤗Joni

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    1. Sovely Matters

      Thanks so much Joni. Yes, Germans and Americans are connected in this way, I repeatedly came across stories like that. I always hoped it is a positive and remaining bond.

      You should try to come back at some point. You always have your personal tourist guide out here. All the best to you! Sovely

      Liked by 1 person

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