Stürmisch fegt der Wind
Mein Land ist in grau getränkt
Ich halt mich gut fest

The storm is sweeping
My country is soaked in gray
I’m still holding on


  1. JanBeek

    “My country is soaked in gray” – That was one of my first impressions of Germany when I lived there in 1962 … gray skies, gray clothing on most of the people, gray landscape. But then when I returned in 1980, things had changed.. and there was a world of color where only gray had been. Your Haiku is lovely – and so is Germany! ❤

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    1. JanBeek

      Bob & I lived in Unterdurrbach, near Wurzburg. Bob was in the army. We lived o the bottom floor in a chalet that we rented from the dear family who lived upstairs. We still are in touch with that family today.

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    2. Sovely Matters

      Oh wow, so you came around. Lucky you. I’m happy to hear you’re still in touch with the German family. Bounds like that are great. I was living in NYC for a while and still have my people over there in my mind and heart. Plus, I met the love of my life, while he was based in Germany,,,

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