V.I.P. || Journey Through Time

An abandoned house. The middle of nowhere. Rotten and falling apart, but still present. I take a step inside and am thrilled. My senses are sharpened, curious what’s going to unfold itself in front of my eyes. Taken back in time and place. I’m having a look around to search for someone. Unfortunately it’s just me and this empty house. It’s just a house left behind, no home anymore.

Where did the family go, I wonder? Why did they leave everything behind?”

I slowly walk from room to room and like a blink of an eye I capture flashbacks. Someone sitting at the fireplace smoking a pipe – just over there – while an old lady is playing the piano. Instinctively I am starting to bumble a melody of Beethoven. A little girl and a boy are running around, trying to chase each other. I see beautiful old furniture, basic commodity used in every day life and I discover a great and wealthy life style mirrored in each room. It looks like a blessed family life that once took place here, I still can feel the love.

Unfortunately something happened. Nothing is for good. It’s all in a change. I feel the tension within this house. I hear the moaning and aching of life within old wooden pieces. The home got left behind. Today, centuries later – the house is still there and silently telling it’s story. I stand still. Eyes wide open. Curious for any detail. Sensing the entire surrounding. Yes, I can feel it and I cherish hearing silent whispers from the past.

“One day, I’m afraid these unique places will totally disappear. To me they will always remain special, as I enjoy paying attention and being open for life. I love characters and stories to touch my heart and soul. Thanks to Mr. Bryan Sansivero for conserving special memories like these within his photos!”

Sovely Matters

– both pictures copyright by Bryan Sansivero –

American Photographer, Mr. Bryan Sansivero, took me on this journey, as I was running through his photographs online. Bryan Sansivero is based in New York and enjoys traveling around the globe, to capture pieces of life. His featured work may be seen in various publications such as Vogue, The Telegraph, Daily Mail, The Sun, Country Living, Architecture & Design and lots more.

I came across the following article online:

Daily Mail

MSN Nachrichten

Bryan’s photos immediately caught my attention. I fell in love with his pieces of art right away, totally in love with “American Decay”. These photos definitely are speaking to me. Wonderful photos. They are beautiful art and a special kind of poetry. If you are open and taking your time, I’m sure you will discover some magic.

I was happy to catch up with wonderful Bryan Sansivero and have him answer some of my questions. He seems like a guy I’d be interested in talking to for hours and hours. It wasn’t easy to l cut down my interview to an healthy amount of questions. Lucky me, Bryan was very patient and kind with me…

MurmelMeister: “When was the first time you realized, there is more to you and your photos?”

Bryan: “I never consider there being more to my photos than anybody else’s. I just know that I have a vision and feeling that I want to come through in my photos. As a photographer I’m always evolving, and everyone has a different style. Myself, as well as everyone else are always growing and trying to perfect that style, in their own way.”

MurmelMeister: “Besides the technique, what do you pay attention of, when you take photos?”

Bryan: “I always pay attention to composition and lighting. The subject matter is always important but you need to have proper composition and lighting otherwise it doesn’t look thoughtful.”

MurmelMeister: “How do you describe your feeling or motor, do you feel driven in a way, to take the next perfect shot or is it a feeling of curiosity to catch the world?”

Bryan: “I think I’m driven to finding that next great location and shot. However, I love exploring and seeing the world more than anything though.”

MurmelMeister: “Do you catch what you see? Or do feel like making it more beautiful through your photos?”

Bryan: “I try the best to capture what I see, but I always think it’s more beautiful in person. It’s hard to capture that experience and moment so vividly. I want me photographs to look as natural as possible, as if you’re in the room with me.”

MurmelMeister: “How do you feel like, when you are busy taking photos in ‘ghost houses’?”

Bryan: “I do feel sometimes like I’m not alone while I’m taking pictures. Some places I won’t stay in very long because of that feeling.”

MurmelMeister: “Do you have the feeling your photos are talking to you or are soaked with emotions?”

Bryan: “Sometimes I don’t know what my photographs are saying, and I like that. I like when they can speak or say something to others without any intention that I had.”

MurmelMeister: “Any place you haven’t been as of yet, but you are dying to go to shoot photos?”

Bryan: “Yes, I would love to photograph Japan. I would also love to go back to Belgium where I’ve been twice. There was so much there that I loved, and so much that I didn’t get to see.”

MurmelMeister: “Your pictures often seems like taking us on a journey between place and time. If you could travel through time and place, where would you like to be and why?”

Bryan: “I love this question! I would love to see the late 1880’s victorian period specifically in England. Pretty much anytime in Italy during the 17th and 18th centuries. Europe during the Renaissance Era would be a dream too, as I’m most inspired from art during that time.”

MurmelMeister: “Do you happen to have a story with ‘marbles’? Either connected to your own childhood or in connection with the abandoned houses?”

Bryan: “I don’t really have anything I would say that ties into my childhood experience. If anything I would say I feel more connected to abandoned hospitals. As we all have our own issues, mine can make me feel like i would have once been a patient there. I feel in a way connected to the souls that have long since passed or been released from those institutions.”



Thank you so much Bryan Sansivero! I very much appreciate your time and effort, and thanks for giving us an insight! Whenever you are back to Germany (and somewhere not too far from my neighborhood), it is on me to invite you to German dinner. I know you like Germany, so please feel very welcome over here!

Sovely Matters


    1. Sovely Matters

      Thanks so much. I really wanted this to look good and work out well. I feel very flattered Bryan took time for MurmelMeister. This whole Thing really meant a lot to me and holds a bog potion of my heart. Glad you noticed.

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  1. -Eugenia

    Excellent post! His photos are fascinating and make one wonder what happened in each room of the house. If only walls could talk. Your presentation is superb! Thank you for following BrewNSpew.

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