Make it sexy

What do you think of when you hear “Make it sexy!”?

Now put it into a whole different context… Use it as a marketing tool.


With my eyes and your story?!
You’re more than welcome to join me here!

Keeping The Spirit Alive

Nowadays I say “been there, done that”. I am “old school”.
What ever happens backstage, stays backstage.

Spellbound. Verzaubert

Spellbound. Verzaubert. Mystic. Maybe a little bit bewitched. I’d like to take you on a little journey. Take you to a special atmosphere. Imagine the first snow of the year. Imagine the sun kissing the earth good night. Have some glitter on your mind, sparkles, falling stars, fairies and so much more. Let’s travel throughout…

Antique and with spirit?

I’m an old soul. I do love anything that has a history too. I like to pay attention. I enjoy investigating and listening. Things and people with character are more interesting to me than anything else. To give an easy example, if I visit other people’s place and look around, sometimes I immediately know names…