Shine A Light || Lichtlein Erleuchte

Shine A Light Small baby steps – step by step cherishing and enjoying life to it’s fullest. One year of growing and taking my space, trying to leave an imprint. Dec. 26th, 2019 || One year: MurmelMeister. Happy Birthday! Birthday gifts are warmly welcome wrapped in constructive criticism, positive feedback or love and support. As…

Blooming || Blühen

Slowing down, in order to take a run-up. In beeing. And simply blooming. || Langsamer werden, um Anlauf zu nehmen. Im Sein. Und einfach Blühen.

I’m no machine || I cherish life

“…we have to realize it’s our body, that needs to be in good shape to get us wherever we want to go.”
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