Soul || Seele

I believe in reincarnation. ||
Ich glaube an Wiedergeburt.


… just use a little patience

Soft Whisper

Softly the wind carries your words „I will always be here“ …

Crowned || Gekrönt

„Hinfallen. Aufstehen. Krone richten. Weitergehen.“ A German quote standing for: „Falling. Getting up. Adjusting our crown. Moving on.“ author unknown It is what girls are learning from the very moment, to wear that imaginary crown. Keeping the head up with pride, royal, untouchable, dear, shiny and precious. Although we fell and might be hurt, we…

My Harvest, Seeds & Sowing

|| English & deutschsprachige Version My Harvest, Seeds & Sowing A lack of spare time and very busy days ware me out and is killing my creativity. In the afternoon I mostly spend time with Minime, making sure our little family runs smoothly. The life of a single mother, my choice. A tough one, I…