For many years I did not have small magic marbles in my hands, until Minime eventually created MurmelMeister. I liked MurmelMeister from the very start and with the word, magic unfolded in my life. Since then, I increasingly take marbles as a part of my own magic and I enjoy giving it space to unfold it’s magic.

This is me. A sparkling molecule and tiny part of this world. Part of a wonderful energy source. It’s essential for me to go my own way and keep my eyes open – being open to all the wonderful little things that life creates. Enjoy life with passion and dedication. Recognize the magic of life. Feel and share energy.

For me, marbles embody this positive energy. And with a lot of heart and soul, I like to dedicate this space to my MurmelFreunde (marble friends), who also live their creativity and celebrate and worship the tiny little magical and wonderful pieces of happiness. I am very grateful to be allowed to share our MurmelLiebe (marble love) here. Thank you very much! This is your room! Room for marbles friends, marble art, marbles thoughts etc. This page should develop steadily, because as well as marbles keep on rollin’, anything else in in motion and changing as well.


Viele Jahre hatte ich die kleinen zauberhaften Kügelchen nicht in den Händen, bis mein Minime irgendwann MurmelMeister erschuf. MurmelMeister gefiel mir von Beginn an, und mit dem Wort entfaltete sich die Magie in meinem Leben. Seither nehme ich Murmeln vermehrt als ein Stück meiner Magie wahr, und ich gebe dem Raum.

Das bin ich. Ein strahlend winzig kleiner Teil auf dieser Welt. Teil einer wundervollen Energie. Es ist essentiell für mich meinen Weg zu gehen und meine Augen geöffnet zu halten – offen sein für all’ die wundervollen Kleinigkeiten, die das Leben erschafft. Das Leben genießen mit Leidenschaft und Hingabe. Den Zauber des Lebens erkennen. Energie spüren und teilen.

Für mich verkörpern Murmeln diese Lebensenergie. Und mit viel Herz und Seele widme ich diesen Raum gern den MurmelFreunden, die ebenso ihre Kreativität leben und das winzig kleine magische und wundervolle runde Glück feiern und verehren. MurmelLiebe. Ich bin sehr dankbar, dass hier teilen zu dürfen. Dankeschön! Das ist euer Raum! Raum für MurmelFreunde, MurmelKunst, MurmelGedanken etc. Diese Seite soll sich stetig weiterentwickeln, denn wie auch Murmeln kullern wollen, so ist alles in Bewegung und Veränderung. || …with a smile to you. Yours, Sovely

Playing with marbles has a very long history… Please let me take you on a little photo journey.

|| August 2019 || Knowing I would go to the beach, I had to bring some marbles along to try a little photo shooting… it was fun. Yours, MurmelMeister

For more pictures, (öffnet in neuem Tab)”>please have a look here ->

|| August 13th, 2019 || I found pure magic in the following photos, done by photographer Jochen Fuchs.
He really created and caught a wonderful piece of art. I totally love it and I just had to share it with you. I saw these beautiful impressions on Instagram, please meet Jochen here and let him catch you with some marble magic moments.

I’d like to say thanks to Jochen Fuchs for I may share his excellent art with you.
Copyright by Jochen Fuchs, Germany

|| August 13th, 2019 || I saw a sweet little video on Instagram of homemade marble games. (for the video on Instagram please go here) I loved what I saw, which is why I got in contact with the lady posting it, Mrs. Anke Hölzel. I learned that the marble games were done by children of the a German elementary school, the Wieratalschule in Langenleuba- Niederhain. It was part of an After-School-Project, for Children at the age of 6-10 years.

Anke told me that she got the idea on facebook, where something similar was posted. The children enjoyed being creative and put a lot of effort in this “doing yourself Project”. Afterwards it was time to play and of course, exchanging the final creations, in order to find out what works best, what is most fun – or to simply enjoy playing with marbles. I loved this idea of children of today, having the opportunity to be creative and doing crafts joyfully. I was told, that this project was a success for the small and the big human beings.

Copyright by Papierstadt, GermanyAnke Hölzel, Germany

|| August 4th, 2019 || I found another sweet and inspiring tiny marble. A little bundle full of joy that shines all the way to reach hearts. Luise of Papierstadt was as kind as to allow me presenting her wonderful photos. Hopefully you like them just as much as I do. Here we go, to see her original post….

Copyright by Papierstadt, Germany

Mia Elena, Germany || While travelling, she came accross a marble sale on the streets of London. She instantly was taken back to wonderful childhood memories…

athie Malerei und Objekte || Andrea from Germany sees and creates magic in her life. She is a Wuppertal based artist, who gives heart and soul to beautiful pieces of art.

Copyright by athie art, Germany

Thomas Tellge from Germany ||

Thomas on Instagram || Thomas on facebook

Thomas bought marbles due to great childhood memories. Marbles became alive again as part of a photo-session, when he was forced to stay inside due to bad weather. Right timing for marbles to unfold it’s magic again…

Thomas Schindler, Germany “viele bunte Murmeln”

Copyright by Thomas Schindler, Germany

|| More to follow… Please feel free to contact me.

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  1. Ich finde diese MurmelFreiheit, die du dir hier nimmst wirklich wunderschön 🙂 Auch, Dankeschön dafür!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ❤️Bei dieser Rückmeldung geht mir das Herz auf, dankeschön dafür.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Thomas says:

      Das hast Du gut gemacht

      Liked by 2 people

    3. Dankeschön, die Rückmeldung freut mich sehr!


  2. IanC555 says:

    It seems here that marbles are an art unto themselves. Really quite stunning!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you Ian 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. steinegarten says:

    Wunderschöne Sammlung … Ich liebe Glasmurmeln 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dankeschön ❤️ die machen sich auch gut also Deko im Garten. Und sie bewahren die Magie für uns…


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